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24 months guarantee

We offer the customer up to 24 months guarantee on:

  • Adhesion of the applied paint system
  • Gloss
  • Bad workmanship

Ideal Location

Our location near Schiphol Airport is among different maintenance centres. There is ample availability of highly trained and licensed staff in the vicinity to support with the technical services.

Decals, templates

Technical lettering with silk screens technique and logo's and outboard markings will be painted and not applied as stickers because we will give the customer the highest possible quality and that is what QAPS is always aiming for.  

Paint Report

Every individual aircraft is delivered with a paintreport ready upon re-delivery. This paint report contains findings during aircraft (incoming) inspections; such as layer thickness, application and drying conditions of the paint system (temperature, gloss, weight, humidity, certification) and any irregularities found before or during the process. It contains as well all Certificates of Compliance for all materials used. QAPS signs the report for compliance whereas the customer signs for acceptance of the aircraft.