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15 March 1996

The bankruptcy of Fokker Aircraft. During the next years the paint department finished the last 34 aircraft for the customers under the responsibility of the trustees.


An investment company tried to restart the complete Fokker Aircraft Company under the name REKKOF Restart. The paint department and his employees were kept on painting aircraft under this name for maintenance customers. After deciding restarting was not feasible yet the investment company retreated.

1 February 1999

Ben Vastenhout en Frans Groot established in one of the newest paint facilities of Fokker Aircraft an indepent painting company named Quality Aircraft Painting Services. Ben has gained 35 years of experience in painting at the Fokker company. Frans had a senior position in Marketing and Sales in the same company.

QAPS focused on all regional airlines as well as the business aviation.
Our philosophy: “Once a customer always a customer”.  Our commitment to the customer to perform services in such a way that they will return with future business.

November 2005

QAPS opened his second paint facility to be able to accommodate new customers while maintaining the capacity to serve existing customers.

January 2007

Merger with STTS France enlarging the capablities and expertise to long range wide body aircraft off all manufacturers.

November 2010

The former Fokker Aircraft facilities at Schiphol had to be abandoned for the development of logistic centers

April 2011 

Start of operation in the brand-new stste-of-the-art facility at Amsterdam Lelystad Airport dedicated to Regional and Business Aviation