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Quality Aircraft Painting Services in short: QAPS became a member of STTS Group of painting facilities in 2007 but remains an independent and dedicated aircraft painting company specialized in high quality painting of aircraft for Regional and Business Aviation. 

STTS Group owns and operates 14 specialized painthangars situated in France, Spain, The Netherlands, UK, Germany and China. The capability is ranging from Dassault Falcon and Cessna business aircraft up to and including A380 and B747-400 size aircraft for commercial airliners.

Since April 2011 QAPS is situated in a brand-new State-of-the Art Paintfacility at Amsterdam Lelystad Airport. QAPS achieves the highest quality paint jobs at  manufacturers' new standard through

  • An excellent paint facility
  • Permanent and dedicated staff
  • Painting of logo's, technical lettering and outboard markings
  • Adhering to the product/paint specifications and the highest application standards
  • Top service with the lowest possible environmental foot print

Every painted aircraft at QAPS is provided with an up tp 24 months warranty period on solidity and gloss.

Since QAPS was launched in 1998 it has painted well over 400 aircraft (January 2011).  Our strongest selling point is our commitment to the customer to perform services in such a way that they will return for future business.